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The Red Hat Society

Why a play group for women?

Most women give their all to family, career, and community. And they enjoy it. But, along the way, sometimes our existing bonds of friendship gradually diminish. Membership in the Red Hat Society is a rewarding vehicle for reconnecting old friends, making new friends and rediscovering the joy of getting together with other woman for the express purpose of… having FUN! We whole-heartedly promote periods of "recess" from the cares and duties of everyday life in which Hatters gather for no other purpose than to play.

W ho are the women of The Red Hat Society?

 Queens & Members are from all walks of life and have varied interests. As a result, each Chapter is unique. Unlike traditional clubs, RHS may have multiple Chapters in a given town. If a woman wants to be Queen of her own Chapter, then by all means… self appoint! Members who have attained the fabulous age of 50 wear red hats and purple clothing, while those under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing.

Who are We?

Divas  with Hattitude is a Fun loving supporting chapter of the Red Hat Society consisting of women ages 50's - 80's..

 We engage in fun activities every MONTH,  there are currently 50 members in the chapter. We meet every month to plan upcoming events, celebrate birthdays, theme parties, craft days and outings.  We are not an idle chapter, we have an event or outing every month sometimes every weekend, we visit museums, wineries, movies, plays, have girls night out, potluck, theme parties, and  more. And don't forget the shopping. Lots of Love, Laughter, Fun, There is never a Dull moment, and Definitel y No Drama Allowed.

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